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Fast Handling News (FHN)
Autoloader for Xpose Luscher CTP. By means of four independent arms, two dedicated to the load and two exhaust the plate is able to optimize to the maximum hourly production of plates by introducing a delay for the management of the loading and unloading plates of only 15 seconds. The system was created for the needs of the newspaper industry and for this the plates are loaded in pairs thus obtaining a high number of plates exposed hours. The system thanks to its flexifilità can also be adapted to commercial sectors with the ability to handle multiple formats, and also the single load of the Plate. The system must be adapted to the needs of the customer going to manage Layout by suitable conveyor and the types trolley load dependent plate sizes. Article: Il poligrafico Maggio 2012  Link: Citem
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In the image beside an automatic system Removal interleaf sheets for MacDermid plate. In the drawer on the left side are placed the plates inclusive of separator sheet. In the central carriage are deposited sheets removed from the slabs. In the trolley on the right are deposited plates. The trolley with the slabs should then be placed in this case in the autoloader for CTP Xpose see figure above.