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In-Line Plate Punch
Now connected !! The plate punch contains the rollers to transport the plate from Ctp in the Developer. During transport and exactly when the plate is passed over the punch tools the sensor identifies the plate format, the plate comes back in Ctp direction. When the plate is in the punch tools a gripper pulls the plate on the register pins. When the plate reaches the three register pins (accurate register system without plate electric contact), the plate is punched. The plate continues to the developer at slow speed (adjustable). Available a model to be inserted after plate processor with included plate bender and stacker. TECHNICAL FEATURES: ·  Register-true positioning of the plates by electronic controlled three point alignment. ·  Processing of several plate formats possible. ·  Register punching configuration according to customer’s specifications (Standard Bacher Komori). ·  Use of particular high-quality material for the manufacturing of punching tools. ·  Automatic lubrication of punching does longer life cycles and burr-free register holes. ·  Integration of technological high quality electronically and mechanical components. ·  Transport function for send the plate directly in the developer without punching. ·  Optical and acoustic warning. ·  Waste conteiner (residue of punching) with easy access at removal. ·  Speed control for insert the plate in the developer. AVAILABLE CONFIGURATION: Straight conveyor (standard) L conveyor Rotate 90° conveyor After Plate processor In-Line Plate Punch and Bender with stacker
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