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Unroll device for Roto offset and Rotogravure maximum paper web width 3000 mm
Remove the paper of the empty roll this brings a substantial convenience on the value of paper waste.
Deleafer for MacDermid Universal plate
Automatic system Removal interleaf sheets for MacDermid plate.In the drawer on the left side are placed the plates inclusive of separator sheet. In the central carriage are deposited sheets removed from the slabs. In the trolley on the right are deposited plates.
Offset plate sorter and stacking
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VRS Video Register System for Kba C618 (Plate bender Berth at left Plate bender NELA Brüder Neumeister GmbH art right) Video register system is an upgrade for your existing mechanical bender. We add the optical control system and remove the original register pins and therefore unnecessary and sometimes inaccurate process of punching.
Automatic rotation and translation system of flat glass and other pannels This device rotates and move the flat glass or other pannels. It can be positionated before finish machine, edge coating, edge enamelling, drilling, seamer, cutting and other machines. It can be used in cases where the surface of the panel must not be touched