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AVP Automatic Video Punch Automatic Video Punch, inserted in the automatic line process of the plate and positioned after the developer, ensure perfect punching plates using an innovative control system. The cameras detect the position of crop marks appear on their plate, the software calculates the difference of position against an initial setup, this value will be eleborated and sent to the system mover plate. The punch that follows diversified plate format, will have an accuracy of +/-0.01 mm. The data of the plate is displayed and stored in an archive plates.
Features: - Input plate right or left, output plate right, left or front. - The automation reduces the risk of damage to the offset plate. - Full integration with plate transport systems (tables conveyor, air transport). - Can handle many formats plate with the possibility of adding a second time. - The hallmark is the image and not the plate edge. - Punches made of hardened steel with high precision machinery. - Oiling automatic punching heads and bodies in motion. - System of three-axis motion of the plate for the adjustment of register. - Recognition of plate formats with appropriate sensors or reading the barcode. - Handling errors with optical and visual performance. - Containers for waste material collection. - Remote Assistance via modem or LAN. - Air compressor not included. Optional accessories: - Plate quality control system - Bar code reader - Adjusting the speed of the plate in the oven. - Touchscreen Monitors
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