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Slip sheet removal The name assigned to this machine speaks for itself, in effect has been studied to remove the interleaving paper, used to protect them during transport and storage. Studied for small formats and addressed primarily to newspaper printers, it is essential to remove the protective sheet and prepare the plates for insertion into CTP, in fact many CTP for the sector newspapers, are not equipped with an automatic system for the elimination of sheet. Show the importance of this machine that avoids the use of labor for work so unrewarding. The operation is pneumatic and controlled by PLC. Not Requires maintenance.
Specifications · Necessary to remove the protective sheet and prepare plates for inclusion in the CTP · Avoid the use of labor · No Maintenance · Addressed mainly to newspaper printers · Trolley with full extension maximum of 100 sheets. · Possibility of additional trolley for load the plate while the machine is run. · Pins movable to set multiple plate sizes · Maximum plate size 1060x800 mm max thickness 0.3 mm · Minimum plate size 440x320mm max thickness 0.3 mm · Maximum capacity 250 plates / hour depending on the size · Container for package waste · Dimensions cm 164x116x120h · Net weight 200 kg · Compressed air 7 bar, 100l/min (compressor not included) · Electricity 220-240V 100VA 50HZ.
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