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Unwinding Machine for Web Printing and Gravure (paper recycling machine)
This machine is made to separate paper from the cardboard,  to make a profit from the reels residual white paper. Even from a first economic calculation, it is clear that in a few months you have the return on investment and after that profit from this machinery. It is very simple to use, it requires a very short time by the operator. After loading the reel and pushing the start button, the operator is free to do other work. At the end of the paper winding, the unwinding machine automatically stops waiting for the operator for the unloading and loading of another reel. Key Features: · Welded tubular iron frame, stove enamelled, in color RAL 7030. · Equipped with four wheels with brake, for easy positioning in the work area. · Complete electrical and mechanical parts fairing. · Gearmotor controlled by Inverter for progressive start. · Sensor for paper end detecting and stop winding. · No maintenance required. Dimension and Weight: Model (SB1000) maximum web width 1000 mm, Dimension: 1520x500x1070h mm weight 70Kg Model (SB1500) maximum web width 1500 mm, Dimension: 2020x500x1070h mm weight 95Kg Model (SB2000) maximum web width 2000 mm, Dimension: 2520x500x1070h mm weight 105Kg Model (SB3000) maximum web width 3000 mm, Dimension: 3650x600x1070h mm weight 170Kg
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