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With this project obtained the research ideal in terms of practical and economic and optimization of the register problems. The solution was to make an upgrade for your existing mechanical bender. We add the optical control system and remove the original register pins and therefore unnecessary and sometimes inaccurate process of punching. Caratteristiche · Fully integrated in appearance to the original bender. · High-definition digital cameras with lighting for reading marker · System handling of the tile with suction cups, applied to the existing plan, to regulate the out of register. . Reduction of time and then press start-up costs. · No additional delays in the previous round of punching and bending. · Registration accuracy on the bend and punch of 0.01 mm. · Continuous monitoring of registration accuracy during punching and bending. · Saving historic plates processed. · Help the various phases shown on the LCD monitor. · Maintenance and remote diagnostics. · Possibility of installing a camera to control the quality of engraving plate.
VRS Video Register System per Komori 16 pagine (Komory System 38S)
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